Grip & Lighting Rental

Over the years I have observed the basic equipment that goes on most jobs, which I have tried to replicate in my inventory. Whether you are flying in, don’t need a whole grip truck, or just need a few things to supplement your shoot, I may be able to help.

Please call or email for current list and quote.

Lighting Grip
Profoto B1 (2) Avenger 40” Cstand w/ Arm (6)
Profoto B1 Battery (4)Avenger 20” Cstand (2)
Profoto B2 Avenger Mini Boom (2)
Profoto B2 Battery (2)Avenger Super Boom
Profoto TTL-N RemoteAvenger Medium Roller Stands (2)
Profoto Beauty Dish Kupo Medium Roller Stand
Profoto Magnum (2)Mathews Big Ben (2)
Profoto 7” Reflector (2)Mathews 4” Lollipop (2)
Profoto 5’ Octa 4x4 Mathews Floppy
Profoto 1’x4’ Strip (2) Back Drop Stand Kit
Profoto 1’x4’ 50° Grid (2)Bogen Heavy Duty Tripod
Profoto Speedring (3)Bogen Light Weight Tripod
Chimera 3x4 SoftboxSuper Clamp (4)
Chimera 3x4 Grid 60°J Hook (4)
Profoto OCF Grid KitGaffer Clamp
Profoto 7" Grid KitMagic Arm
Floor Stand w/ Riser
Speed Rail
8x8 Overhead Frame w/ Ears Six in One Zip Disk set
8x8 Artificial SilkFull Apple Box (2)
8x8 Ultra Bounce / Black10# Boa Bag
12x12 Overhead Frame w/ Ears15# Sandbags (4)
12x12 Artificial Silk25# Sandbags (4)
Multi-Cart R12 w/ Shelf
Scrim Jim Kits 100’ Extension Cord
42x42 Frame (2)
1¼, ¾, Sliver/White, Gold/White, Black (2)
50’ Extension Cord
25’ Extension Cord (4)
42x72 Frame (2)
1¼ (2), ¾, Silver/White (2), Black (2)
Power Strips
Cube taps
6x6 Frame
1¼, ¾, Silver/White, Black
Car Inverter
Goal Zero Yeti 400
8x8 Frame
1¼, ¾, Silver/White, Black
Ears (4)8’ Folding Table
Clothing Rack
4’ Step Stool
6’ Ladder
Furniture Pads & Tarps